Prayers and Amulets

Prayer Reception Hours
  • Prayers start from 9:30.
  • Prayers may be delayed due to rituals, weddings and other events.
  • Please call us for reservations in advance.
Amulet Service Reception Hours
  • Hours may change depending on the season.


We offer prayers for all kinds of wishes, such as for family well-being, for a thriving business, wish-fulfillment, dispelling evil etc.
One talisman or one amulet
Time required
approx 30 min
On the day
JPY 7,000
Long-term Prayers
Prayers will be continuously offered each morning during the Asamike-sai
1 week: JPY 10,000
1 month: JPY 30,000
3 months: JPY 50,000
6 months: JPY 70,000
1 year: JPY 100,000
Matchmaking Prayers
Since ancient times, Kifune Shrine has been famous as “The Shrine of Love” with the Yui no Yashiro enshrining the god of matchmaking. Prayers are offered so that you may be blessed with good relationships. Wishes are limited to couple-related content such as finding a good match, marriage, and reconciliation. Other relationship wishes praying for employment, work-related relationships, good relationships between companies, and amicable interpersonal relationships etc. are offered as general prayers.
  • Goods
    Matchmaking Amulets and Musubi-bun
  • Time required
    approx 20 min
  • Fee
    JPY 3,000 on the day
    3 days: JPY 5,000 (3 day prayers will be continuously offered each morning during the Asamike-sai)
Birthday Prayers
Your birthday is an important day on which you were granted precious life by the universe and your ancestors and born into this world. As a life event we return to the origin of life and together with offering sincere gratitude for the blessing of life pray to receive continued protection from the gods.
  • Goods
    Amulets by Request
  • Time required
    approx 20 min
  • Fee
    from JPY 3,000 to custom amount
  • Notes
    Prayers can be offered on the actual birthday as well as before and after.
Hatsumiya-mairi / Shichi-go-san-mairi
We pray for the healthy growth of your child. We also offer commemoration photo plans. Please see below for more information.
  • Goods
    1 Child amulet
  • Time required
    approx 20 min
  • Fee
    from JPY 3,000 to custom amount
  • Notes
    Kifune Shrine - Hatsumiya-mairi / Shichi-go-san- mairi Photo Plan
First Day of the Ox Prayer
Every month on the first day of the ox special prayers are offered. This custom is based on the founding legend that the Kifune Daimyojin god in primeval times descended onto Mt. Kibune “on the First Day of the Ox in the First Month of the Ox in the First Year of the Ox.”
  • Goods
    Prayer Talisman
  • Time required
    approx 20 min
  • Fee
    from JPY 3,000 to custom amount
  • Notes
    Advance reservations are also accepted.

Formal Visit (Sanpai)

A formal visit involves being purified by a Shinto priest (kannushi) in the worship hall (haiden), offering a sacred tree branch (tamagushi) at the altar, and worshiping using formal etiquette. Different to prayer, the chanting of Shinto prayers (Norito-sojo) such as names and wishes are not performed. While talismans and amulets are not conferred, you will be presented some of the sacred food offering (mike).

approx 8 min
from JPY 3,000 to custom amount

*Advance reservation is needed for formal group visits. Please call us for more information.

Correspondence Prayer

For those who due to long distance or disability cannot visit the shrine directly we offer prayers via correspondence. Please call us for more information.

Applying for Prayer

For advance reservation of prayers, please call us or visit our website for more information.

When traveling to the shrine using a motor coach, make sure to see the following page.

Contact us+81-75-741-2016(9:00~17:00)

Amulets and Talismans

The talismans, amulets, and goods offered at Kifune Shrine.

About Talismans (Ofuda)
The talisman moves the omitama (divine spirit) of the kami.
Enshrining it in your family or workplace altar and praying to it grants you the protection of the kami.
Shrine models are generally placed on a kamidana, which in turn is placed on a south or eastward-facing shelf in a pure part of a room where family usually gathers.
If you don’t have access to a kamidana, the shrine model can also be enshrined by spreading a fine carpet or cloth on a high shelf or dresser.
If there is no space to put a shrine model you can enshrine only the talisman by standing it upright.
Ofuda (talisman)
Omamori (amulets)
Goshuin (seal) book
To commemorate the visit

While we recommend that talismans and amulets be conferred in person when visiting the shrine,
if for various reasons you cannot visit the shrine, please consult with us by phone.

*Kifune Shrine does not accept website or email applications for goods or merchandise.
Contact us+81-75-741-2016(9:00~17:00)